Each case is different so I invite you to call me at (860) 228-9716 to discuss which option is best for you. 
There is no charge for the initial phone consultation.

1. Traditional Representation
You hire me to be your attorney for your divorce or family case and I file an Appearance and represent you in your case. This applies whether your case is uncontested, partially contested or fully contested. I will prepare and file documents for you, negotiate with the other party on your behalf and will represent you in court at any hearing. My goal will be to focus on what is in your best interest. I will try to reach a settlement with the other side for you if you so desire. However, if the parties cannot reach an agreement, then I will strongly advocate on your behalf in court.

2. Collaborative Divorce
You hire me to be your attorney and your spouse also hires an attorney. Both parties sign an agreement that they will work cooperatively without court intervention or litigation. The parties and their lawyers have meetings with each other to try to reach an agreement. Oftentimes a neutral coach and financial consultant also participate in the meetings. The goal is to reach an agreement through teamwork. However, if one party decides to stop negotiating and go to court, then the lawyers must withdraw and the parties must hire new lawyers to represent them in court.

3. Mediation
Both parties hire me to act as a Mediator, and I help the parties reach a settlement. I act in a neutral fashion and do not take sides. I do not represent either party and will not act exclusively in either party’s best interest. Instead, I help the parties to identify issues, gather information and communicate with each other so that they can reach a mutually desirable agreement. I also help the parties evaluate their options and explain the ramifications of those options. Oftentimes, the parties represent themselves, and I assist them in filling out documents. I will recommend to each party to hire an independent lawyer who can provide legal advice along the way and at the end of the case prior to the final hearing.

4. Consulting
You decide to represent yourself in your divorce or family case but you hire me to provide you with advice along the way as you handle the divorce or family case. This may include providing information on the law or reviewing documents or doing legal research. I will not appear in court for you, file any documents in court or speak to other side on your behalf.

5. Real Estate Closings
I assist clients in real estate closings as their attorney for the sale of property or as their attorney and title insurance agent for the purchase of property or for the refinance of mortgages.