Parental Responsibility Plan

If there is a dispute between parents regarding the custody, care, education and upbringing of their child in a divorce, legal separation or custody action, the parents must file a proposed parental responsibility plan with the court.

Connecticut General Statute section 46b-56a(d) lists six items which must be included in the plan:

(1) a schedule of the physical residence of the child during the year,
(2) provisions on decision-making authority between the parents regarding the child's health,      education and religious upbringing,
(3) provisions for the resolution for future disputes between the parents,
(4) provisions regarding parents' failure to honor their responsibilities under the plan,
(5) provisions for dealing with the child's changing needs as the child grows and matures, and
(6) provisions for minimizing the child's exposure to harmful parental conflict, encouraging the parents in appropriate circumstances to meet their responsibilities through agreements, and protecting the best interests of the child.

According to C.G.S. section 46b-56a(e), the objectives of a parental responsibility plan "are to provide for the child's physical care and emotional stability, to provide for the child's changing needs as the child grows and to set forth the authority and responsibility of each parent with respect to the child."